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Introducing the New Editors of The Western

In this edition, we would like to introduce the new editors of the Western Newsletter, Danielle Lemi and Janni Aragon. We are proud to continue the tradition of editors Daniellecoming from UC Riverside’s Political Science Department. It is a happy coincidence. Many thanks to the founding editors, Valerie O’Regan and Stephen Stambough for their hard work! 

Danielle Lemi is a Ph.D. Candidate at UC Riverside.  Her dissertation examines how multiracial categorization and multiracial identity interacts with media coverage of candidates in traditional and alternative media, how voters evaluate candidates, and how candidates themselves, once they are elected, view their racial identities and their legislative priorities. In short, the dissertation finds that race still plays a significant role in the packaging of, the perceptions of, and the actions of candidates considered non-white.  She is a Bay Area native and a Paleo enthusiast.

JanniJanni Aragon is the founding Director Technology Integrated Learning at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, and is an Assistant Professor, Adjunct in Political Science. In her administrative role, she helps support educational technology and pedagogy across campus. Janni  is the Chair of the Senate Committee on Learning and Teaching, and chairs an Information Technology committee, Teaching, Learning Technology. Janni is a former Chair of the Academic Women’s Caucus (AWC). Janni was a long time serving Undergraduate Advisor in Political Science. You can find Janni on Twitter @janniaragon or on her blog She is currently working on a book about teaching and mentoring. 

In this issue, we would like to recognize an array of new books that our members have recently published, as well as share a list of new opportunities, including post-doctoral and tenure-track positions. In addition to publishing the newsletter through WordPress, we have a few things in store for The Western that we hope you’ll find useful, including a new “Grad Student Corner” that will help disseminate information about professionalization in Political Science. Stay tuned!  

We appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions about The Western, or if you would like to submit any announcements regarding openings, promotions, retirements, new publications, or more general announcements, please contact Danielle Lemi at or Janni Aragon at

WPSA Conference Statistics

The statistics below are designated for the 2015 WSPA conference that took place in Las Vegas:

  •         Number of people registered for the conference: 1269 
  •         Number of papers presented: 1104
  •         Number of panels: 346
2015 Las Vegas 1257 346
2014 Seattle 1230 332
2013 Hollywood 1175 325
2012 Portland 905 278
2011 San Antonio 926 262
2010 San Francisco 755* 307
2009 Vancouver 1035 267
2008 San Diego 1067 221
We are requesting section chairs to request all of their participants to complete a submission form so that we could keep better track of these.  Prior, submissions were allowed directly to section chairs.  I believe the last three years are the most accurate of submissions.

Featured Member: Kathleen B. Jones


Born and educated in New York, Kathleen B. Jones taught Women’s Studies for twenty-four years at San Diego State University. Her academic works include Compassionate Authority: Democracy and the Representation of Women, (Routledge, 1993), The Political Interests of Gender, (Sage, 1988), and The Political Interests of Gender Revisited, (Manchester University Press, 2009) both edited with Anna G. Jónasdóttir, and Women Transforming Politics (New York University Press, 1997) edited with Cathy Cohen and Joan Tronto, She was founding co-editor of the International Feminist Journal of Politics from 1997-2005.

Her creative non-fiction includes Living Between Danger and Love,  (Rutgers University Press, 2000), a memoir about the difficult choices we make in the face of violence, and Diving for Pearls: A Thinking Journey with Hannah Arendt, a memoir about a late mid-life dialogue with the life and work of the philosopher Hannah Arendt.

Her essays and short fiction have appeared in Fiction InternationalMr. Beller’s Neighborhood, and The Briar Cliff Review. Kathy was managing director of Laterthanever Productions, a non-profit regional theater in San Diego. Her first play, Acts of Faith, a world premiere based on the short stories of Grace Paley, was written in collaboration with Sharyn C. Blumenthal, and produced in March 2009 by Laterthanever Productions. Her second play, The Origin of the Seasons, is an adaptation based on her non-fiction book, Living Between Danger and Love.

Among her numerous awards, she is a recipient of multiple grants from the National Endowment of the Humanities, writers’ grants to the Vermont Studio Center, and an honorary doctorate from Örebro University, Sweden. She lives in the Bay Area in Fairfield, CA.

Kathleen’s Presentations:

“To Think What We Are Doing”: An Arendtian Perspective on Political Theory and the Public.

Few political theorists have been as consistently engaged, in form and  content, with the public and matters affecting public life as Hannah Arendt. Arendt’s method of theorizing is more akin to “philosophical storytelling.” In this presentation, Jones explores her adaptation of Arendt’s method in her most recent book, Diving for Pearls: A Thinking Journey with Hannah Arendt, a mixed genre work combining biography with memoir, tapping unexplored archival resources, and drawing on Jones’ work with schoolteachers in her seven years of directing NEH seminars on Arendt for educators. 

Alternative Pathways to Academic Publishing in the Digital Age?

What is the political impact of increasingly “exclusionary” and “disciplinary” gatekeeping practices in academic publishing and writing, and in professional development evaluations on efforts to expand the impact and widen the reach of critical race, gender, sexuality and class analysis, along with queer studies, through alternative writing and publishing practices? What potential does the rise of independent and digital publishing and social media have to alter current trends?


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