About this blog

Welcome to our corner of the web! This blog is edited by WPSA IT Committee members Meredith Conroy, Jason McDaniel, Ethel Tungohan, and Jacqueline Gehring. You can expect to see new content here at The New West on a regular basis. We will be posting original content from WPSA IT Committee members Meredith Conroy of California State University-San Bernardino, Jason McDaniel of San Francisco State University, and Jacqueline S. Gehring of Allegheny College, and also be featuring guest posts from political scientists working on topics of interest to WPSA members. Our blog will feature both scholarly commentary on current events as well as pieces about new and recently published scholarship, and Conference information. If you are interested in writing a guest post, or if you have a recently published academic article, or have a new book that you would like us to feature, please contact Meredith at mconroy [at] csusb [dot] edu. Let us share your scholarship with our readers, Twitter followers, and Facebook friends.

Previous blog editors:

2014-2016 Julia Azari, Marquette University

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