Introducing the New Editors of The Western


In this edition, we would like to introduce the new editors of the Western Newsletter, Danielle Lemi and Janni Aragon. We are proud to continue the tradition of editors Daniellecoming from UC Riverside’s Political Science Department. It is a happy coincidence. Many thanks to the founding editors, Valerie O’Regan and Stephen Stambough for their hard work!

Danielle Lemi is a Ph.D. Candidate at  UC Riverside.  Her dissertation examines how multiracial categorization and multiracial identity interacts with media coverage of candidates in traditional and alternative media, how voters evaluate candidates, and how candidates themselves, once they are elected, view their racial identities and their legislative priorities. In short, the dissertation finds that race still plays a significant role in the packaging of, the perceptions of, and the actions of candidates considered non-white.  She is a Bay Area native, a Paleo enthusiast. She was also a 2012 recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

JanniJanni Aragon is the founding Director Technology Integrated Learning at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, and is an Assistant Professor, Adjunct in Political Science. In her administrative role, she helps support educational technology and pedagogy across campus. Janni  is the Chair of the Senate Committee on Learning and Teaching, and chairs an Information Technology committee, Teaching, Learning Technology. Janni is a former Chair of the Academic Women’s Caucus (AWC). Janni was a long time serving Undergraduate Advisor in Political Science. You can find Janni on Twitter @janniaragon or on her blog She is currently working on a book about teaching and mentoring.

To read this edition of The Western, download the full PDF here.

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