New Book: Mobilizing Inclusion

Which get-out-the-vote efforts actually succeed in ethnoracial communities—and why? Analyzing the results from hundreds of original experiments, the authors of this book offer a persuasive new theory to explain why some methods work while others don’t.

Exploring and comparing a wide variety of efforts targeting ethnoracial voters, Lisa García Bedolla and Melissa R. Michelson present a new theoretical frame—the Social Cognition Model of voting, based on an individual’s sense of civic identity—for understanding get-out-the-vote effectiveness.  Their book will serve as a useful guide for political practitioners, for it offers concrete strategies to employ in developing future mobilization efforts.

Lisa Garcia Bedolla is associate professor of social and cultural studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Melissa R. Michelson is professor of political science at Menlo College, Atherton, California.

2013 Annual Meeting

WPSA President Peregrine Schwartz-Shea and Program Chair Gary Segura are planning the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Association scheduled for March 28-30, 2013 at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, California. We hope you will participate in the program. Please note that the deadline for submission of participation forms is September 17, 2012. The forms to participate will be available in early July.

Visit the WPSA website to learn more information.